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Mitigate Construction Lending Risk with SureBuild Project Completion Insurance.

Saint Vincent, LLC is the managing general agent for SureBuild℠.

SureBuild℠, offers the extra protection a lender needs to have confidence in their construction lending practices. It is an easy, proactive solution that avoids the hassles and delays of bonds in the event of borrower default, while offering policy limits of up to 100% of the construction contract amount.


SureBuild℠ offers lenders more than a surety bond for less.


Easy to Call On 

Project Completion Insurance is far easier for a lender to call than a bond. If a lender needs to appoint a receiver to a failed project, then SureBuild℠ will fund cost overruns per the terms of the policy.


Quick Funding 

SureBuild℠ is designed to fund quickly, getting a troubled loan off the lender’s books promptly.



Less Costly 

SureBuild℠ costs less than most surety bonds.



Lender is the Beneficiary 

Unlike a bond where the beneficiary is the borrower, SureBuild℠ insures the lender as the policy’s direct beneficiary. Lenders no longer need to litigate or work through bankruptcy court, as may happen when calling a bond.



SureBuild℠ is bundled with a comprehensive construction risk management program. This prevents loss, which avoids litigation, and keeps subcontractors on the job in the event of a failure by the general contractor or borrower.


Credit Enhancement 

SureBuild℠ gives lenders the reassurance necessary to loan to borrowers who need a little extra boost in their credit profile as well as to those who do not qualify for surety bonds (ex: borrower is GC).


SureBuild℠ is written on AM Best rated A (Excellent) XV, Lloyd’s of London paper so that construction lenders can sleep well at night!



Chelsy White, Managing Director


Ms. White is a licensed agent at Saint Vincent, LLC, the managing general agent of SureBuild℠ Project Completion Insurance. She is a licensed producer and surplus lines broker in California, Arizona, New York, Texas, Florida, and Georgia. She is also a licensed CPA in California. Ms. White is directly responsible for managing agency business as it applies to compliance issues, agent licensing and appointments, contracts, and records. She acts as a liaison between Saint Vincent underwriters and underwriters with Lloyd’s of London. Additionally, she is responsible for claims management and works directly with clients to ensure excellent service and product delivery.

Furthermore, Ms. White has 10 years of experience in corporate accounting and 5 years of experience in internal audit of accounting policies and procedures, with an emphasis on financial reporting and compliance, internal control, and construction risk management/funds control audit oversight.

Ms. White obtained her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Certified Public Accountant
California Resident Insurance Producer – License #0M96321
Arizona Non-Resident Insurance Producer – License #19163138
Florida Non-Resident Insurance Provider – License #W579102
Georgia Non-Resident Insurance Provider – License #3279458
New York Non-Resident Insurance Provider – License #1553215
Texas Non-Resident Insurance Provider – License #2421958 (General Lines) and #2424237 (Surplus Lines)

BS, Business Administration – Accounting, California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo


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